The Swiss Watchmaker

Swiss watches are renowned for being the best in the world and represent quality at the highest level. Each watch is uniquely crafted and passes through a painstaking process of design, aesthetics and manufacturing, before each individual component is delivered to the watchmaker for assembly. I’ve often imagined watchmakers as Einstein-like figures, with wild unruly hair and spectacles, working with absolute precision as they assemble masterpieces. This image appeals to me because it’s one that I associate with God.

After all, God is also a Creator, painstakingly assembling the components of each new soul, as He prepares it for life. Each one, created to be magnificent and imbued with extraordinary gifts and attributes. Every quirk and peculiarity serving a divine purpose to shine a light on a dark enclave, even if it’s ignorantly interpreted as a defect by a judgmental world. However, with God the Master Craftsman, there are no mistakes. Our differences are intentional and designed to sustain us on a bespoke mission. No one knows us better than God, because He created us. As Psalm 139: 13 says “You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb”.

So, why is it important to remember this? Because, irrespective of the pristine condition in which we leave the celestial kingdom, life will inevitably take its toll and God can repair the damage. Life is difficult at the best of times. It’s not just the major events which can unravel us (e.g. divorce, illness), but also the day to day – putting food on the table, keeping a roof over our heads or just being a good enough parent. All are fraught with pitfalls, and once we factor in the emotional baggage we carry, it’s a Molotov cocktail waiting for the strike of a match. We’re a tinderbox of emotions, struggling with challenges, which can often leave us feeling inadequate or worthless.

Don’t wait for the straw which will break the camel’s back. Recognise when you’re on the precipice and turn back to God. When you’re at your lowest ebb, you need someone who understands you and doesn’t require explanations. That “someone” is God. He knows your backstory and the buttons (if pushed), which will undo you. He carries your secrets, the truths you dare not reveal and the insecurities and failings you carefully camouflage, in your quest to present a perfect life. Give yourself permission to unravel, but do it in the presence of God. Here, you can stand safely in your vulnerability and with unflinching honesty, bare your soul without fear of causing harm or offence.

Just as in the earthly world, when a household appliance breaks down and we turn to the warranty; it’s the same in the spiritual kingdom. Whether it’s a gadget or a soul, only the manufacturer can fix it. So, if you’re feeling unappreciated, undervalued or overwhelmed (for whatever reason), don’t wait for the spark to ignite the explosion. Reach out to your Creator and let Him repair your brokenness.

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