God for all Seasons Welcome to

What brings you here today?

 Do you have a relationship with God or perhaps you’re seeking one?
Or maybe nothing more than idle curiosity has led you here. It doesn’t matter. Everyone is welcome.

We’re often told God loves us,
but what does that mean?

When we’re passing through the storms of life and have lost our job or been diagnosed with an illness, what comfort is that love?

Does it actually help us or is God a distant deity lacking that personal connection?

And what about the good times?

We hear little about the inspirational God – a God whose dreams for us

far eclipse anything we could envisage and who plants seeds for a harvest, which once seemed unthinkable.

Whatever you may think of God

I invite you to read the stories and blogs on this site – they’re all true.

They’re about people who have faith and their encounters with God as they passed through the best and worst of times.

It’s my hope that in reading these stories, you may reflect on your own experiences and consider the presence of God.