Divine Spark

Last year I wrote a blog called Physician, Heal Thyself  about the stupendous intelligence behind our biology, which helps heal disease. It was the product of a fascination with the underlying causes of illness, coupled with a belief that God created the human body to heal itself. I had developed this interest after a lymphoma diagnosis, and regularly read books by people who had healed themselves through unorthodox practices.

Recently, I was given an opportunity to test a philosophy I’d read about in You are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza, after blood tests revealed ongoing abnormalities. For two years, my lymphocytes had continued to rise steadily and now the white blood cells looked set to follow suit. The results puzzled me as I believed I’d done all I could to help myself – purged negative emotions, introduced dietary changes and tested alternative therapies. But, it was to no avail and I dreaded the reaction of my consultant whom I was due to meet shortly. However, the appointment was unexpectedly postponed by five weeks and I was asked to take a further blood test, a week beforehand.

Now, one of the bi-products of faith is that there are no accidents or coincidences. There’s always a reason behind events, even if it takes time to uncover. Consequently, I wondered whether God had engineered the postponement to give me an opportunity to improve my blood tests. After all, I had a clear month to move the needle. Suddenly, I remembered You Are The Placebo and how Dr. Dispenza had spurned surgery to reconstruct his spine by connecting with his body’s intelligence.

I immediately retrieved the book from my shelf and began to re-read it. Excitement stirred within, as I realised I had to connect with my body’s intelligence, even if merely to conduct an experiment. Following Dr. Dispenza’s simple guidance to, “combine a clear intention with an uncompromising trust in possibility”, I used self-hypnosis to induce a light trance and detected a gentle energy pulsating through my body.

At first I had no idea what I was doing, but after a week, I let instinct guide me. I decided to give each part of my body my full attention, even if only for a few seconds. I began to communicate with the pulsating energy and reminded myself of the body’s innate ability to right itself. I visualised a fully healthy body free from all abnormalities. Within days, I began to notice subtle differences. I had more energy during my runs. When I put on new earrings, I had to immediately remove them as the metal irritated my skin. Previously, it would have taken hours for my skin to react. Making lists for groceries became futile, as an inner compass led me towards certain foods and away from others.

A month later, the blood tests revealed an astonishing improvement, which left me both astounded and reflective. What was the body’s intelligence? Dr. Dispenza had described it as an invisible consciousness, but it had to be more than that. I eventually realised it was the Divine Spark – what western esoterical religions describe as the portion of God residing in all human beings. This meant that when I was tapping into my body’s intelligence, I was connecting directly with God and that’s what made the difference.

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