Dare To Dream

It’s not often we have the privilege of witnessing an event which brings faith to life, but Carlos Alcaraz’s victory over Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final was a modern-day rendition of the David and Goliath story. Djokovic was the invincible tennis giant, a champion in every sense of the word and expected to crush his opponent. Alcaraz had crumbled in the past and most of us thought he didn’t stand a chance. But in an astounding match of the ages, Alcaraz treated us to a masterclass in grit and determination, proving that all things really are possible with God.

Afterwards, it was impossible not to reflect on the colossal nature of Alcaraz’s achievement. How was it feasible for a relatively inexperienced young man, to show such resilience, tenacity and perseverance in the face of almost certain defeat? Where did that strength come from? Putting aside the monumental sporting triumph of an elite athlete, it was an inspiring metaphor for a life lived in faith. All the key ingredients were present; a protagonist with a lion’s heart facing impossible odds to accomplish an impossible dream. I wondered what we could learn from this astonishing victory and apply in our everyday lives. It wasn’t just about having the mental strength to keep going but also the intrinsic belief that nothing was beyond reach.

When I look back on key moments in my life where I had to dig deep for hidden reserves of strength and resilience, I see God. For all the self-belief, confidence and chutzpah I was blessed with, it was faith which convinced me that the impossible was possible. From an early age I knew I had help from above and capitalised on that knowledge at every opportunity. Knowing I had direct access to powerful weaponry was a game-changer and I used it shamelessly. In fact, I still do. Even now when the earthly world slams a door in my face, I don’t despair because I know God will open another one. I take little notice of naysayers and pessimists because I’ve seen God create rivers in the desert. And when I lose momentum pursuing some impossible dream, I know God will provide the necessary reboot.

It’s reassuring to know help is always at hand. What do you rely on to keep you going? Who do you turn to? Perhaps you’re battle weary and would rather walk away than put your head above the parapet. That’s understandable. We’re all human and eventually run out of steam. That’s why we need something supernatural to fire our engines. How long can family or friends prop us up with encouragement before growing weary of our neediness? They have their own struggles and don’t have the time or stamina to indulge us indefinitely. But God never tires of us and His door is always open. He’s also a great listener with amazing ideas and the power to make them a reality. Why let such an invaluable resource go to waste? God dares us to dream and we should take the bait. Without God, I wouldn’t have achieved much. With God, nothing is beyond me. Could it be the same for you?

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